15 Foot Grow Light Socket Extension Cord



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The 15-foot socket extension cord from High Yield Lighting allows the distance between light ballasts and grow light reflectors to be extended in order to get around grow area layout challenges. Especially useful for adapting integrated ballast/fixture grow lights to remote ballast configuration, the super heavy-duty 16-gauge socket extension cord from High Yield Lighting features the convenient universal socket plug type for compatibility with a wide range of grow light systems.

  • Useful for remote ballast and ballast bank configurations.
  • 15′ length, made with heavy-duty 16-gauge wire.

In stock


Get around grow area layout challenges with the 15-foot socket extension cord from High Yield Lighting. This useful tool allows is a quick and easy fix for retrofitting capable integrated fixtures or extending the reach of existing remote ballast systems. 

Features & Specifications:

 Recommended for digital ballasts
 15′ Length
•  Universal socket plug type
•  16-guage cord thickness
•  Extends remote systems
•  Adapts compatible integrated fixtures

Weight 2.68 lbs


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